Support Aware®

Support Aware® is a collection of services that put our technical team at your disposal to help you solve security issues, manage your security systems, and assist with optimization & routine maintenance of your existing network.


Support Overlay Services

As your technical liasion. our engineering team is available for security discussions. from security processes to network architecture. We will work with you to get your desired resolution either by our own internal resources or by leveraging the manufacturer on your behalf.

Life Cycle Management

We provide a predictable and scalable migration path for our assets. This includes managing software updates and end-of-life equipment refresh/replace. We also pre-build systems and test them before installing into infrastructure. reducing the time and effort in integration.

Analysis & Reporting

We provide regular review of security policies to ensure that best practices are followed, configurations are relevant, and policies hold-up against industry standards. We also assist with the creation and automation or system reports to ensure you are getting the most useful data from your systems.

System Tuning

Threats evolve over time and proper maintenance and optimization are required to keep systems effective. We periodically tune systems to ensure effective security coverage.

Assessment Services

We offer a variety of assessment services to expose any potential risks and maximize your security posture.

Systems Monitoring

We provide 24/7 monitoring of your infrastructure ensures that critical events do not go unnoticed. Systems health, events, and alerts will be logged and escalated to your organization.

Remote Desk

We provide a remote virtual administrator to either manage or co-manage the day-to-day maintenance and operation of your systems.

Virtual CSO

We offer a Virtual CSO as a regular & reliable resource to work with your senior management. ensuring proper consideration is given to maintaining an acceptable level of risk for your organization.

On-Demand Services

Augment your existing team on-demand. With support by the hour packages, you can leverage our security engineers for specific issues. or keep them for unexpected staff departures, downsizing, or other unforeseen issues.

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