One Size Does Not Fit All

That’s why Atlantic has designed a portfolio of services that address the varying degrees of requirements from our customers.

A security partner is only as good as the people it brings to the table. Products without the smarts to back them up does everybody a disservice. We pride ourselves in the talent we put in front of our customers — not whizz bang kids with something to prove, but seasoned industry experts with real world experience. Atlantic is just as much about our people as we are about the products we represent.

Atlantic’s engineers have a broad range of experience, not just with firewalls but with all the critical components of an organization’s security infrastructure. Being able to sort out where issues are, where risk lie, and what can be done about it sets us apart from many of the jack-of-all-trades companies out there. We’re all about security. Nothing else. And that lets us evolve a customer’s network security posture to an acceptable level of risk. One size certainly does not fit all.

Support Aware

Our flagship offering, Support Aware provides a series of a-la-carte options to provide Support Overlay, Life Cycle Management, Policy Reviews, Security Assessments, and On Demand Technical Services. Contact your Atlantic rep for detailed information about Support Aware.